Sushma and Andrew’s

Chartwell Engagement Shoot Kent


I had the pleasure of photographing Sushma and Andrew earlier this summer, for their engagement shoot at Chartwell. We originally planned for the shoot to take place in Tilgate park in Surrey, but because of the wonderful British weather, we had to reschedule. And I’m so pleased we did, I don’t know how, but Andrew managed to get permission for their engagement shoot to take place at Chartwell in Kent, without any of the required documents to do so.

Chartwell, was once owned by Churchills family back in 1922, and was purchased by the National Trust in 1946/7, so you can imagine, it’s a stunning location with lots of history and beautiful gardens, we were very lucky to be able to shoot there.

Because I’d never been to Chartwell before and we didn’t have much time for the shoot, about 40 minutes in total, I made sure I arrived 20 minutes before Sushma & Andrew to do a quick recce and get a feel of the place. The house was closed to the public, so it didn’t take long to have a quick wonder around the gardens to find areas to shoot in.

As soon as I started photographing Sushma and Andrew, security were straight over asking for proof of permission to do so. Luckily, Andrew had already cleared it with the powers that be, spoke to security with name of the lady he spoke to, got the ok, and then we were good to go……


If you have just got engaged, and would like to book a shoot please get in touch.