I just wanted to share some pic’s I took during a 2 day workshop hosted by Steve Gerrard who was voted the best UK wedding photographer of 2012. It was an amazing couple of days, of which on day one we covered everthing to do with Steve’s approach to photographing a wedding, marketing and branding.

On day two, Steve was joined by another amazing guest speaker and photographer by the name of Ed Peers. Steve’s work I have been a fan of for a couple of years, but until the workshop I hadn’t come across Ed before, but now his website is in my favourites menu, so I will be following and checking out his work from ┬ánow on.

No matter at what level you are as a photographer, wether you are shooting high end weddings, portraits, bands etc, I really think attending a workshop like Steve’s is really important, it enables you to see situations differently, and hopefully inspires you to capture images that you normally wouldn’t and that are slightly out side the box.

A big thanks to Steve and Ed for sharing thier talents and stories, and also to our couple for the day, Benan & Ash.

Here are some of my favourites.