Surrey photographer cover shoot

Just over a month ago I entered a competition organised by Advanced Photographer magazine. The competition was in two phases. After submitting two portraits, phase 2 was to be short listed with five other photographers and to spend a day at the Hasselblad Pro Centre studio in London. Our brief was to shoot two models using the Hasselblad H5D-50 medium format camera and various Broncolor lighting kits. The outright winner’s image would make the front cover of issue 35, and also get to use the studio + a pro-model for a day free of charge, usually £390 + vat. excluding the models fees.

The morning started with a meet and greet from Advanced Photographers editor Will Cheung who explained what would normally be required for a cover image for the magazine.Then it was over to Chris Cooze to run us through the H5D-50 system and finally over to Chris Burfoot who took us through the Broncolor lighting equipment.

We were put into two groups of 3, and had 40 minutes with each of the models, Sam & Lacey. As there were going to be 6 of us photographing the same two girls I wanted to try and make my images  look a little different from every one else’s, so I decided to take along a couple of props, a neckless and a maroon silk sheer fabric.

With Broncolor being the best lighting system there is, and Hasselblad being the world leaders in medium format cameras, I was like a kid in a sweet shop that day. I would like to give a big thanks to Will and everyone at Advanced Photographer for organising the competition, both Chris’s for being on hand and of course our lovely models Lacey and Sam.

Alas, I didn’t win, but being shortlist down to 6, and spending a day in the studio with such great equipment and shooting alongside a bunch of lovely people, was a great prize in itself. However, I was the runner up…….

This is Lacey with the silk over her…….

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