Casting directors and agents often want to hear you sing before you even step into that room, which is why vocal reels are a great way to show off your vocal ability and versatility to help land you that audition/meeting.

 As a musician who’s worked in the theatre industry for 40+ years, I offer vocal reel packages from my home studio, using professional recording equipment, with the end result being a high quality, fully mastered reel showcasing your talent.

In the session we will record 2 full songs and also 30 sec – 1 minute snippets of another two of your favourites, possibly showcasing different vocal styles.


After the session you will receive all 4 recordings, fully mastered and tastefully edited, as well as a finished vocal reel that is a compilation of the finest moments of your recordings, saving you the time of splicing one together!

Our dual package offer, which includes a mini headshot session, is especially handy for any students or performers looking to get both done without having to break the bank for it!



Session lasts roughly 2/2.5 hours at my home studio in Horley, Surrey

Record 2 songs in full

Record a further 2 songs in 30 second – 1 minute snippets that best show off your vocal ability

All recordings will be professionally mixed, tastefully edited (no auto-tuned robotic sound!) and exported for you to upload/send to agents, casting websites, casting directors, etc…

YOU WILL NEED TO PROVIDE YOUR OWN BACKING TRACKS FOR THIS VOCAL REEL SESSION, however please enquire first as i may have some in my collection

Snippets of your fully mastered and edited recordings will also be used to create a fully mastered vocal reel, showcasing your finest moments of each track, saving you the time of splicing one together.  This also includes a video version with your headshot (like the examples of my work on this page) for use on social media, youtube, etc…




Kill two birds with one stone and leave the session with everything that you need to give you that foot in the audition room door!

You will receive everything found in the vocal reel package and a condensed version of the headshot package which includes:

A 30/45 min session with chance to change your look half way through. Perfect if you’re just looking for the one main headshot

All images will be high resolution, tastefully edited, ready for print and uploaded to a private gallery within 24 hours. 

You will also receive a main headshot of your choosing, fully retouched and ready for professional use.

Extra retouched headshots: £10.00 each

10 x 8 prints: £10.00 per print, plus p&p

Interested? Drop me a message and we'll get the ball rolling...